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   Born and raised in Busan, South Korea,

Chef Jay(Ho-joon) Lim has enjoyed a love affair with various types  of seafood from a very early age. Jay began his professional culinary career once he moved to  the United States at the age of 27, working at Naomi Sushi in Arlington Hts., IL. His endeavors to  make Japanese foods more tasteful motivated him to become an upscale chef. Jay determined  to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago.

   After completing his studies, Jay accumulated experiences  in Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Elizabeth restaurant and Vie restaurant. 

   After leaving Vie restaurant, Jay was offered by the former owner of Naomi Sushi to take over  for the restaurant. Jay took a position as Chef and Owner at Naomi Sushi and continued to  develop his management skills, designing new menus, staff management, and food cost  expectations.

   Tim, Jay's brother-in-law, took a position as a manager at Naomi Sushi to run the  restaurant efficiently. Jay is willing to do whatever it takes to provide his customers diverse  experiences from his foods that are blended with different cultures, foods, and new technics.  Jay and his wife Jeehye live in Arlington Hts., IL with their son Jiho.



GENERAL MANAGER       Timothy Han


contemporary japanese restaurant

Naomi Sushi blends traditional Japanese dishes with urban
contemporary flare.

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